Thursday, May 1, 2008


another thing i thought was really intriguing was how the narration paralleled the plot of the novel in that both were somewhat random and erratic. when the plot was rambling (like in the beginning with the line of station wagons going on for miles)the narration did too, describing all the things that kids were taking out of the cars, etc. 

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Charlie Gephart said...

I thought that the narration of White Noise was extremely strong as well as unique. It managed to give me a different "take" on many things (ie: the barn). Also, it utilized description very effectively and interestingly. An example of the quality of description in WN is the sentence "the simple act of checking the time is transformed by this flourish" (9), when Jack is speaking about wearing robes while teaching and checking his watch. I thought that the language used in White Noise's narration, and the slightly atypical form (very deep, philosophical descriptions) of the narration made the story truly engaging to read.