Thursday, May 1, 2008

What I learned from White Noise Day

School teaches students to prepare. But, under the spotlight, many students have not yet been taught how to improvise and think on their feet. This was revealed by students who were overwhelmed and unable to answer on the spot interviews. It was really interesting to find out.
from charlie


skippy said...

i definitely felt that way too- once i figured out that people couldn't respond under pressure, though (and after a lot of ums and uhs on camera) i gave people a couple seconds to think about their answer before they responded because that way, i got many more thoughtful and insightful answers rather than obvious ones i had already heard a bunch of times before.

Tofuman said...

I tried doing that for one of my interviews, but it was to no avail. Giving a student enough time to fully comprehend how little my quote lends itself to analysis and understanding, is only giving them just enough time to realize how confused they really are, and how much they don't want to avail their train of thought to capture by my camera.

Charlie Gephart said...

I also found two things from filming students. First, many students are uncomfortable when they are being filmed; they become very self-conscious. Also, some of the rather inarticulate analysis of my quote that I received may have been a result of my quote's simplicity, not the lack of improvisational skills of those interviewed.