Thursday, May 1, 2008

typical family?

i was reading a discussion guide about white noise and one of the questions that was asked was do you think jack and babette's family is a "typical american family" and, if not, how are they unusual or unique. i thought that jack and babette have a very typical american family in the present day sense that everybody has problems and these days, it's almost unusual to NOT have some sort of merged family. so, in that sense, i think that jack belongs to a very typical family and i also think that that might contribute somewhat to his need to seem better than he is and not quite so average.

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Charlie Gephart said...

I do agree with the fact that Jack has a fairly normal American family. However, I think his marriage is very unusual. There are several scenes in the book during which he and Babette are displaying their affection for one another in very public places in very risqué ways. This is best shown at the first supermarket scene when he starts spooning Babette in the middle of the grocery line. That's weird.