Wednesday, April 30, 2008

White Noise Day

I had a great day on White Noise Day. My participants were very eager to participate in my project, and they all brought very interesting things to say. My quote, i felt, was very inspirational and crucial for all readers to understand. 
"there are only two places in the world. Where we live and our television sets..." that phrase alone is SO crucial! How corrupt and inhibited are we if we only have TWO places in our world... one of which is not even real.
i think its rather sick.

White Noise Day

I certainly agree that White Noise Day was the most fun and definitely the most interesting "culminating event", but after watching everyones interviews the day seemed to lose its purpose. The interviews were usually funny, there were definitely some very insightful responses, but the majority of interviews seemed to not go in the direction anyone intended.
This problem might also just be a part of what White Noise Day is all about. When you look at little pieces of White Noise, the individual quotes, everything seems ridiculous or out of place. Many of the interviews of people who have not read White Noise made that point more than obvious by having vastly different interpretations of the quotes from the discussions we had in class.
Overall I think White Noise Day is a hard concept to pull of and the purpose could easily be lost, but looking back on the discussion we had in my class, everything that I think may have hindered the purpose just went to support it.


White Noise day

"“I got out of bed in the middle of the night and went to the small room at the end of the hall to watch Steffie and Wilder sleep. I remained at this task, motionless, for nearly an hour, feeling refreshed and expanded in unnameable ways”
I'd have to say this gave people a lot more trouble than i had anticipated, however that seemed to be a common problem. The input i was able to receive some of my interviewers was exceptional and even helped me to look more deeply into my quote and find its real meaning in clarity.


whit noise

i personally felt asthough this was a really cool culminating experience/project for us seniors b/c instead of sitting and taking a test or writing a paper we can show what we learned in a small write up and video which is alot less boring then sitting in class writing an essay


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen I had an excellent White Noise Day,
I found insight in the contrasting views of the independently thinking minds who received my random quotes from a multitude of levels of knowledge of the actual context. Some people didn't believe that such a satirical novel as Delillo's White Noise even existed. Others were familiar with its every line comma and colon, the majority of individuals fell somewhere in between these outlying few. I had fun,


I just now noticed the picture on the top of this blog, behind the WND title.  I think it's very fitting in its dreary, used, and regular nature.  Perhaps the earthiness of the photograph enables it to blend into the page without drawing any attention whatsoever.  I think it is extremely appropriate for the occasion.


Did anyone else not really get responses?  So many people ran up to me eager to participate in the White Noise Day festivities until they actually read my quote.  Then they scurried off, a little embarrassed, leaving me to fend for people actually willing to confront the awkwardness of talking about Hitler into a tape recorder.


Yesterday was White Noise Day consequenting in the best English class of the year. White Noise Day was awesome for a variety of reasons, we didn't have to wear dress code (and now us seniors don't have to wear dress code for the rest of the year!!!) we got to walk around all day filming our peers in really awkward situations and it was much better than having to take a test. The brilliance of this day, is that there are no true assessments (i.e. tests, quizzes, finals) instead we get to write out own blog!

Kent L Lambie

Dont go in alone

Yesterday was White Noise Day, and although I got some thoughtful responses from the student body, I also encountered some hostility from this schools inhabitants, and I've got a few black eyes and a restraining order to show for it. A large majority of the students I interviewed were very awkward and didn't know what to do with themselves and were clearly looking for a means of escape by stalling more questions from me with feeble and shallow responses. But then again, how could you really respond to me announcing "Marvelous bone structure".

White Rap

So yesterday was White Noise day,
it was pretty chill I got to say.
Walking around out of dress code,
our minds were in a different mode.
Got so many glances at my chest,
thank god for this, instead of a test.
I got some people on my video,
But they were shy and pretty slow.
White Noise white noise, thats the stuff,
For satire students we're pretty tough.
I'm done with this blog and almost school,
Summer is soon and its gonna rule.

Monday, April 28, 2008

white noise

I found it very difficult to respond to some of the quotes, I feel bad for the people whom I asked since it is even harder when the quotes are taken out of context.
Also, someone asked me today why we were not walking around school with white noise machines and unfortunately I did not really think about this until later, but looking back I think we should have disconnected the TVs in the locker lounge so they would make white noise all day

Quote Selection

"Better him than Me" was the quote i finally settled upon. I decided to be mature and pick this quote instead of choosing a quote that would probably be deemed inappropriate by the administration but hilarious by my friends. I chose this quote because i thought it would receive a variety of responses, but that was not the case. To me, the quote brings up personal feelings because i known i have said these exact words but am not proud to admit to it. The responses that i received were not nearly what i anticipated they would be, but i will focus on that next time!!!

Kent L. Lambie

My White noise experience

I think this project was very funny as well as interesting because we all (students) got to take quotes out of the book and ask other students and faculty members what there interpretations or opignions of the quotes were. Although some reactions were doused with confusion and bliss some interpritations gave new meaning and perspective to the quote I used. This outer perspective of people who did not read the book gave me a more out of context but meaningfull analysis of the words. I felt asthough those students who did read the book were less likly to be as open to interpritation of the quote but equally ready to share their ideas.

-Andy C

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Beware of Your Own Home

"It's the things right around you in your own house that'll get you sooner or later. It's the electrical and magnetic fields." (175)

That's definitely my quote. That took forever. It's really hard to commit. But I got one.

Partly aided, I think, by the movie "Baby Mama" today. One of the characters is really good at "reading energies" and I don't think I totally believe in that stuff but I definitely do somewhat. I mean, I don't have a microwave, and I think it is weird when your cell phone hurts your ear. I think the threats in your house are the biggest ones -- your family, your bathtub, your own personality. Not to mention all the magnetic fields. So that's my quote.

What's yours?

Happy White Noise Eve!

Happy White Noise Eve! We have our noisemakers and in a few minutes we are leaving for Times Square. I'm sure people will be coming from everywhere to celebrate White Noise Day. I wonder if they will all wear white T-shirts the way we are. Will they wear their quotes around their necks on a chain, or on a scarf in their hair? I wonder how they celebrate White Noise Day in New Zealand. You know when they show the movies from all over the world for New Year's Eve? It's so different all over.

If you haven't been able to post on this blog, you can add your quote in a comment -- that would be great. See you tomorrow, and as always, WNF (white noise forever).

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Enter Quote Here

For Mr. Cunningham's students. I know some of you may really be eager to have your quote selected. So if you are having trouble creating a post, joining the blog, please just add a comment to this post, and select your quote. Make sure you sign your name.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It puts the date when you post it

Apparently, you don't need to date entries to a blog -- it puts the date when you post it. This is just the kind of automatic engagement with time I think Delillo would appreciate. I don't need to say what time it is -- the time knows. What is my purpose, anyway? If I am not needed as even a recorder of the time, what am I here for?

Perhaps I am here to observe. Perhaps that is what WND is all about -- observation. Listening. Listening to that which is ordinarily ignored. Listening to the white noise.

Eh, I don't know. I doubt it. Maybe WND is here to remind us that every day is WND, just like, when little kids say, "Why is there Mother's Day and Father's Day but no Children's Day?" the adults are trained to say, "Every day is Children's Day."

When I was a little girl there was a television show called "The Courtship of Eddie's Father" and it had a day called "Do As You Please Day." I wanted one.

Maybe WND is Do As You Please Day.

I doubt it.


Here is a confusing, but interesting, look into the wonder that is Babette: 

"Either I'm taking something and I don't remember or I'm not taking something and I don't remember.  My life is either/or.  Either I chew regular gum or I chew sugarless gum.  Either I chew gum or I smoke.  Either I smoke or I gain weight.  Either I gain weight or I run up the stadium steps."

"Sounds like a boring life"
"I hope it lasts forever," she said. (53)

I like this idea. Someone's life being either/or. I don't particular even care about what she is choosing either/or between.  I am amused by the notion of life being an "either/or"

Others' thoughts?

Either I teach or I starve!

and Heinrich for President.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

white noise day is coming--beware

I'm going to look for my white noise machine and my white clothes because White Noise Day is coming and I really, really need to be ready. It's the first White Noise Day that I know of, and it really feels like setting out on new territory. Will there be water? Should I pack more than I can carry? Will the natives be friendly? I am restless and ready to go. I've got my pocket translation you?