Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Yesterday was White Noise Day consequenting in the best English class of the year. White Noise Day was awesome for a variety of reasons, we didn't have to wear dress code (and now us seniors don't have to wear dress code for the rest of the year!!!) we got to walk around all day filming our peers in really awkward situations and it was much better than having to take a test. The brilliance of this day, is that there are no true assessments (i.e. tests, quizzes, finals) instead we get to write out own blog!

Kent L Lambie


skippy said...

Mr. Lambie,
I wholeheartedly agree, yesterday really was the best day ever. I myself, chose to make classmates particularly uncomfortable, by pulling them aside and making them confront uncomfortable issues such as sexual fetishes and incest. I had a fabulous time and really enjoyed all the white noise,
thanks pals,
ps. this was charlie

mma said...

Kent and Charles,

I totaly agree with you both that White Noise Day was the best experience I've EVER had in an English class. I learned a lot on White Noise about satire, and life itself. Your could say that White Noise is stupid, and if you did I would laugh in your face.