Wednesday, April 30, 2008

White Noise Day

I certainly agree that White Noise Day was the most fun and definitely the most interesting "culminating event", but after watching everyones interviews the day seemed to lose its purpose. The interviews were usually funny, there were definitely some very insightful responses, but the majority of interviews seemed to not go in the direction anyone intended.
This problem might also just be a part of what White Noise Day is all about. When you look at little pieces of White Noise, the individual quotes, everything seems ridiculous or out of place. Many of the interviews of people who have not read White Noise made that point more than obvious by having vastly different interpretations of the quotes from the discussions we had in class.
Overall I think White Noise Day is a hard concept to pull of and the purpose could easily be lost, but looking back on the discussion we had in my class, everything that I think may have hindered the purpose just went to support it.



Danielle Rode said...

While I was writing my analysis, I thought a lot about what about you said and how best to adhere to WND's purposes. I think the day has to be this controversial and confusing because that's how the book seems to sort of oscillates between the fitting and the unfitting as our WND did.

Gabby said...

I disagree with the fact that it would be difficult to pull off a day like White Noise Day. I found in the interviews that I did and saw most everyone took them seriously and really thought deeply about what the quotes were saying.

skippy said...

thinking about it, this actually makes a lot of sense- if people haven't read white noise, it seems a little random to be asking them about the book when they don't understand it. i think, to make the entire project more cohesive, it should either be an entire school-wide event or kept within the satire classes.