Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I just now noticed the picture on the top of this blog, behind the WND title.  I think it's very fitting in its dreary, used, and regular nature.  Perhaps the earthiness of the photograph enables it to blend into the page without drawing any attention whatsoever.  I think it is extremely appropriate for the occasion.


Snorlax said...

I rather like the picture as well. It feels like there is something incongrous about the rusty truck jutxaposed on a blooming garden, but it is not outrageous enough to call real attention to itself, an acutaly perplexing picture could slip into White Noise.

skippy said...

I totally agree too- I didn't even notice the banner at first because it seemed to blend into the page so well. I think it was extremely appropriate when applied to both white noise as a sound and White Noise as a novel- both are somewhat unassuming until you actually notice them and after that, you can't help but notice them.