Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy White Noise Eve!

Happy White Noise Eve! We have our noisemakers and in a few minutes we are leaving for Times Square. I'm sure people will be coming from everywhere to celebrate White Noise Day. I wonder if they will all wear white T-shirts the way we are. Will they wear their quotes around their necks on a chain, or on a scarf in their hair? I wonder how they celebrate White Noise Day in New Zealand. You know when they show the movies from all over the world for New Year's Eve? It's so different all over.

If you haven't been able to post on this blog, you can add your quote in a comment -- that would be great. See you tomorrow, and as always, WNF (white noise forever).


amanda Azzoli said...

i don't really know what to expect tomorrow. will people even really care? a part of me doesn't think so. i feel like unless a person has read the book, there is no real meaning to a. the plot. and b. the quotes and or subject matters that will be discussed tomorrow.
I am looking forward to what people will say though. i hope mine starts a lot of discussion

Jake said...

White Noise day was a great day. It was great to see my fellow satirists walking around with meaningful quotes posted on their shirts, and it was great to see everyone staring at us in confusion and awe. It was also very nice to not be in dresscode. People wanted to be interviewed, ain't that something?

Danielle Rode said...

I found that everyone wanted to respond until they actually read the quote and were left speechless, then they just walked away.

skippy said...

I think it is amazing that anything can leave people speechless. Nice work! Probably all of you left someone speechless today.